Mekele Plans To Provide Jobs For 23,000 Youth

Mekele, the Capital of Tigray, has agreed to provide land for investors who are set to create jobs for 22,900 youth. The 222 investors who secured land from Mekele City Administration on 23 February, will be engaged in the manufacturing and service sectors.

As the demand to invest in the region has been increasing, Mekele City Administration has been providing land after evaluating investment proposals of the investors.

The report indicated that Dr Debretision Gebremichael, Deputy Head of Tigray Region, said that when more investment comes to the region, more youth will get jobs.

In recent years youth unemployment in Ethiopia has been a major concern. For some cities, the unemployment rate is estimated to reach up to 24%.

The growing rural to urban migration and the imbalance between the number of graduates coming from schools every year and the number of jobs the country is providing have increased the unemployment rate in cities including Mekele.