PM Abiy Ahmed Calls For Unity During Iftar Dinner

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called for unity during the togetherness and thanksgiving Iftar (fast-breaking) dinner held at the Millennium Hall yesterday.

Speaking at the occasion, Abiy said: “The unity of Muslims is tantamount to the unity of the whole country.”

“We look good when we come together and unite,” he told thousands of Muslims who gathered to attend the event.

Muslims account for more than 34% of Ethiopia’s more than 100 million population. Since coming to power in 2018, Abiy has allowed them to move ahead with a plan to institute an elected Majlis (Supreme Council).

The iftar was organized at Millennium Hall by the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council to thank the prime minister for winning hearts of his Muslim country people.

He further pledged that the government would support the construction in Addis Ababa of a grand mosque for Muslims to come together on events such as Eid al Adha and Eid al Fitr.

He said the mosque would symbolize the iconic Abyssinian Emperor Negashi who treated companions of Prophet Muhammad well when they fled persecution in Mecca.

The Prime Minister also said the government would provide the necessary support for the establishment of an Islamic bank in Ethiopia.