Ethiopia says Sudanese parties agree to uphold previous agreements

Sudanese parties have agreed to uphold previous agreements regarding the structures, powers and responsibilities of the transitional government, the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on June 12.

The agreement came following the discussion between Ethiopia’s Special Envoy to Sudan, Mohamoud Dirir, with various Sudanese parties with the objective of seeking peaceful resolution of the political situation in the Sudan.

According to the ministry, following the discussions with Ethiopia’s special envoy to Sudan, representatives of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council and the Forces for Freedom and Change “have agreed to uphold what they have agreed upon before the suspension of the negotiation, regarding the Structures, Powers and Responsibilities of the Transitional Government.”

The ministry also said that as per the agreement reached, “talks will resume soon in good-faith to iron-out the remaining outstanding points, including the Sovereign Council and other relevant matters.”

The two sides have also “agreed to refrain from inflammatory statements and de-escalate tensions,” according to the ministry.

Sudan’s Transitional Military Council has also agreed to take confidence-building measures including the release of political prisoners.

The Forces for Freedom and Change also “agreed to call-off the civil-disobedience.”

The agreement came after Ethiopia’s special envoy’s “fruitful discussions with General Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of the TMC, all the members of the TMC, and with representatives of the Forces for Freedom and Change,” according to the ministry.

Ethiopia’s special envoy had also exchanged views with the other Sudanese political groups and personalities.

Dirir was appointed by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as his special envoy following his visit to Sudan on June 7 to shuttle between the two sides to assist the parties to resume their talks in good faith and in the spirit of ironing out the remaining sticking points of previously started discussions and negotiations.