An Ethiopian New Year’s celebration together with the Diaspora

An Ethiopian New Year’s celebration together with the Diaspora in Belgium was held on Saturday, September 14/2019 at the Embassy premises.

Around 180 people were present with families and their children. Opening remarks, presentation of investment and business opportunities in Ethiopia for the Diaspora were made by Amb. Grum Abay and Ato Gebremichael Gebretsadik, Deputy Head of Mission.

As there had been significant changes in the staff of the Embassy recently, the occasion also offered the opportunity to introduce newly posted members of the Embassy to the community. Briefings on current situation in Ethiopia, the region and especially with regard to the Hidase dam were given by the Ambassador, which resulted in a lively debate and question and answer period. Calls to re-start bond purchases and contributions to the trust fund were received positively by the Diaspora members present at the event. The celebrations included a cake cutting ceremony with some members of the Diaspora, cultural shows and dances, food and coffee were also offered to those present.

Comments were made to hold similar events periodically in the coming months, the readiness of members of the Diaspora to actively support the Embassy’s activities in disseminating information about developments in and around Ethiopia to the Belgian media and public at large, organize together with the Embassy cultural and business fora in various cities in Belgium, organize various groups of Ethiopians in Belgian towns to become active Ethiopian diaspora entities which will later on coalesce into a one single strong diaspora organization based upon the will of its members and adherents. The event was much appreciated by the participants.