PM Abiy Ahmed meets with South African Special Envoys

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed met with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Special Envoys, Mr. Jeff Radebe and Dr. Khulu Mbatha this morning.

The Special Envoy delivered a message from President Cyril Ramaphosa to the Prime Minister, which acknowledges the historic relations between the two countries and extends an invitation to officially visit South Africa, with the purpose of scaling the relationship to a strategic level.

They conveyed the efforts the South African government is undertaking in adequately responding to recent attacks and looting on foreign nationals and appreciated the many Ethiopians playing a positive role in South Africa.

The envoys also expressed their thanks to Prime Minister Dr Abiy for this strong leadership demonstrated in release of prisoners and commended the strengthening of relations with Eritrea.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recounted the various manifestations of relations between the two countries.
He hailed South Africa as exemplary for Africa in its economic growth and promotion of democracy, according to office of the Prime Minister.

He emphasized the positive role Ethiopians living in South Africa play in contributing to their host country as well as Ethiopia, and encouraged strengthened support from the South African Government for their endeavors in the country.