Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed holds consultation with community members in Oromia

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed yesterday held consultation with Aba Gadas, religious leaders and representatives of the community in Oromia regional state.

Present at the discussion were also Lemma Megersa, Minister of Defense and Shimeles Abdisa, Deputy Chief Administrator of the regional state

The discussion mainly focused on current situation in the country in general and Oromia in particular.

At the event, the Prime Minister responded to questions raised by the participants regarding current national issues and unity of the people.

Raising their concern on circulation of disinformation different type of media platforms, participants on the occasion requested the government to ensure rule of law.

They also called for peaceful resolution of difference between various groups.

While replaying to the questions, the Prime Minister said “we all are expected to do our parts to strengthen the unity of the people by resolving our difference through constructive dialogue.”

He said “we don’t have interest to roll back the questions of the Oromo people and the federal system of governance. Anyone who doesn’t agree with our idea has to bring an option.”

Shimeles Abdisa for his part thanked all community members involved in bringing stability in areas affected by the recent instability. The regional state will work to ensure the benefit of the people.

Minister of Defense, Lemma Megersa for his part called on the people to stand united and be guardians of the hard-fought gains made by the Oromo people.