‘FINANCIAL TIMES has published H.E. PM Abiy Ahmed’s article titled: “If Covid-19 is not beaten in Africa it will return to haunt us all.”

The premier argues that although fighting the spread of Covid-19 at national levels is commendable, it would not bear positive results in the end unless the Rich Nations help the developing countries fight the virus too. The very nature of the virus that does not know human-made boundaries (such as skin colors, economic status, and geographical delimitation), calls for a united effort to curb it from further spreading. Containing the spread of the virus in one’s national boundaries would not provide maximum security, since it may come back again from areas that could not effectively fend off its spread. We invite you to read this insightful article here: https://bit.ly/2UihniQ

Only a global victory can end this pandemic, not a temporary rich countries’ win