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Ethiopians celebrate Meskel in Brussels

Ethiopians and nationals of Ethiopia origin celebrated Meskel in Brussels, Belgium.
On the occasion, H.E Ambassador Hirut Zemene represented the Embassy as a guest of honor in lighting up the Demera (bonfire) accompanied by priests, members of the Ethiopian community, and invited guests in Brussels.
Ambassador Hirut wished all Ethiopians around the world a Happy Meskel and Demera Festivity.
Meskel is a UNESCO inlisted intangible heritage of humanity commemorated in memory of the finding of the true cross. According to Ethiopian Orthodox Christian tradition, the national holiday marks the finding of the true cross that Jesus was crucified on. Celebrated on September 27 (Mesekerem 17, according to Ethiopian calendar), this festival has religious and cultural features.

Ducaju Group donates 32,000 mouth masks to Ethiopia

Ducaju Group from Meulebeke, Belgium has donated 32,000 face masks to Ethiopia for the fight against COVID-19. The masks will go to a major health project in Addis Ababa by the Rotary club in the capital city.

CEO of Ducaju Group, member of the Rotary Club, Geert Casselman said: “This initiative is a form of gratitude on our part, and it also illustrates that we certainly in a difficult period to achieve more by working together, across borders.”

The Group, from Meulebeke, made efforts in corona virus crisis to produce the first Belgian surgical masks on a large scale. The Chinese machines for surgical mask production came to the Meulebeke via a cargo flight from Ethiopian Airlines with the necessary support of a Rotarian interclub committee and the Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels.

Ethiopia Envisions Bringing Electric Power To All Citizens By 2030

Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Energy announced a plan that aims to address all citizens of the country with access to electric power in 2030.

Ministry reiterated a commitment to ensure unswerving electric supply and food security backed by an improved irrigation development scheme in the next ten years.

Addressing leadership and employees convened to discuss the ten-year master plan of the Ministry, the Minister, Dr. Sileshi Bekele said that efforts are being maximized to realize dependable electric supply that will contribute to social and economic transformation in the country.

He stressed a need to address energy wastage seen during the distribution and transmission of electricity from power stations.

The master plan looks envisage substituting imports by local produces by transforming the irrigation development endeavors, Dr. Sileshi underlined, adding that the sector prioritizes the creation of more jobs to the youths across the nation.

Source: FBC

Ethiopia Launches Tourism Promotion And Marketing Forum

Foreign Affairs Ministry has established a joint Tourism Promotion and Marketing Forum in a view to make Ethiopia a major destination.

The joint forum to be led by Business Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs State Minister at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tsion Teklu incorporates all stakeholders working in the tourism sector.

Culture and Tourism Ministry, Tourism Ethiopia, Hotels, Tour Operators, Officers of Tourism Marketing Associations are included in the joint forum.

The joint forum put in place directives aimed to lead the tourism promotion and marketing sector in collaboration with the private sector.

Members entities in the forum discussed ways of redirecting actors of the tourism sector in to the industry based on World Travel and Tourism Council criteria.

Source: FBC

Ethiopia Calls For Digital Financial Services To Boost Women’s Economic Opportunities

Ethiopia’s State Minister of Finance Dr. Eyob Tekalign has called on Africa to promote digital financial services to boost women’s economic opportunities.

He made the call yesterday at a panel of G7 and African countries during the 75th United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

Dr. Eyob said, “Although many African governments are doing much more to harness digital technologies to build more inclusive economies, much remains to be done to ensure women benefit from the digital advancements, especially those that live in rural and marginalized communities.”

He added, “improving women’s access, use, and control over financial services enable them, especially the poorest women, to achieve the same status, power, and opportunities as men resulting in dramatic social changes that propel society forward.”

Furthermore, Dr. Eyob, noted how the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of digital services encouraging the use of digital payment services.

In particular, he explained how for emerging economies, the challenges from the pandemic have brought more opportunities to promote financial inclusion objectives through the use of technology.

Source: FBC

Ethiopia Lifts COVID-19 Restrictions On Tourism, Sporting Events

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) has lifted restrictions imposed on the tourism industry and sporting events.

Ethiopia introduced the restrictions on the travel industry and sporting events in March this year due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its urgent session held today, the House decided the tourism sector to go ahead and sports events to take place in accordance with the precaution measures recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Ethiopia Decides To Hold The 6th General Election In Adherence To COVID-19 Precautions

The FDRE House of Peoples Representatives has decided with a majority vote and eight abstentions to hold the 6th general elections in adherence to COVID-19 precautionary measures based on the recommendations forwarded by the Ministry of Health.

The decision came after the house assessed the report from Women, Youth, Social Affairs and Legal, Justice, and Democratic Affairs Standing Committees submitted regarding the recommendations forwarded by the Ministry of Health to hold the elections with the observance of guidelines put in place to protect the spread of the virus.

The Resolution No 16/2020 tabled by Chairperson of Women, Youth, and Social Affairs Standing Committee, Abeba Yoseph regarding the endorsement of the recommendation on national elections has been passed by members of the parliament with a majority vote and eight abstentions.

The house has so far approved appointments of ministries and nomination of Federal Court’s judges.

Source: FBC

Ministry Briefs Resident Ambassadors On “Dine For Nation” Project

Foreign Affairs Ministry has briefed resident Ambassadors on “Dine for Nation” Project which aims to expand beautification and greenery works across the nation.

In his opening remarks on the briefing session, Foreign Affairs Minister, Gedu Andargachew told the resident ambassadors that the already completed “Dine for Sheger” Project has transformed Addis Ababa, a diplomatic seat, in many aspects.

The projects launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed under the “Dine for Nation” National Scheme will be implemented in a way to creating jobs in addition to building a green resilient economy and transforming the image of the country, Gedu explained to the Ambassadors.

The Foreign Affairs Minister further called upon the diplomatic community to contribute support to the National Greenery and Beautification Projects.

Innovation and Technology Minister, Dr. Abrham Belay, Director General of Ethiopian Road Authorities, and Manger of the Gorgora Project, Dr. Fiseha Tegegn have tabled presentations highlighting the implementation of the projects.

Source: FBC

PM Inaugurates Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center

The center was designed to support young entrepreneurs through capacity building and research excellence.

It will be a site for the development of functional and problem solving technological innovations.

The opening of the center is expected to modernize various sectors and facilitate the transition to digital economy.

It would also help to save both time and money by replacing human labor with technologies.

The establishment of the center was approved by the Council of Minister early this year.

The Prime Minister seized the opportunity to caution all Ethiopians locally and abroad to not be tools of money laundering.

“Amidst a period of currency change, I call upon all Ethiopia loving Diaspora to use appropriate channels of remittance to ensure that you’re not a channel for illicit currency transfers,” he said.

Last Monday, Ethiopia introduced new banknotes that have enhanced security features and other distinctive elements.

The new banknotes replace the birr 10, 50, and 100 notes while an additional birr 200 note has also been unveiled.

Source: FBC