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Updates on medical and other essential supplies to the Tigray region

  • At the declaration of the Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire
o The Ministry of Health (MOH) had kept a stock of medicines and pharmaceutical supplies worth more than half a billion (618,378,674.64) Birr at Mekelle and Shire hubs when the government declared a Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire. The figure includes the delivery by the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency in June 2021. The stock was estimated to cover needs for six months (from June-December 2021).

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The GERD as a site of cooperation

Ethiopia has an ambition to build a modern economy based on agriculture, manufacturing and industry. It is committed to developing social infrastructure with quality education, health systems and the provision of clean water for its people. Ethiopia also aims to nurture a clean environment able to sequester carbon and emit net zero carbon; to maintain biological diversity and to build a resilient ecosystem that is not exposed to climate vulnerabilities.

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Ethiopia finalizes preparation to host the #GreatHomeComing Challengers

The committee that was established to facilitate the Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge has announced that it has finalized preparations to welcome the massive influx of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia who are expected to take on the Great Homecoming Challenge.
In a meeting held today (December 22), H.E. Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, and Chair of the Committee, noted the encouraging response by people to accept the challenge.
The committee deliberated on measures taken to ease up the visa process, facilitate transportation and other relevant services and accommodations to make the event restful for the home comers.
The committee called upon Ethiopians in the Diaspora, people from Africa and the Caribbean region, including friends of Ethiopia from all over the world, to take on the challenge and show solidarity with the people of Ethiopia.
The committee has also revealed that Ethiopia will host various events to engage the Home Comers in the reconstruction process and peaceful protests against unnecessary external pressures on the country.
The Ethiopian Airlines, Ethio-telecom , private and government-owned hotels and other service giving institutions have already announced discounts on their services to make the challenge attractive to all.
The Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge aims to draw one Million people home ahead of the upcoming Christmas holiday.

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Blue Nile

#GERD facts : the importance of the Nile to the people of Ethiopia

  • The Nile is Ethiopia’s major water resource covering 70% of its annual surface water. More than 40% of the population lives depend directly on the Nile Basin which covers one-third of Ethiopia’s territory. Two-third of  Ethiopia’s hydroelectric power potential is also in the Nile Basin.
  • Electricity coverage in Ethiopia is less than  40%.  In addition, energy demand is increasing by 32% each year.
  • We are not able to modernize our agricultural sector where most of our population relies on. Therefore, the utilization of the waters of the Nile River is indispensable to eradicate poverty which is threatening our survival.
  • Because the Nile is a transboundary water resource, we strongly believe, its utilization shall be based on the principles of cooperation, equitable, and reasonable utilization and not causing significant harm.
  • We believe that this is also a shared interest of all Riparian countries. We all need to overcome the problem of abject poverty, which is a serious challenge for the livelihoods of our people.
  • Ethiopia will stand by its firm and consistent principle for the equitable and reasonable utilization of the Nile waters and causing no significant harm to each other.