Press Briefing Session of Prime Minister Hailemariam and Premier Li Keqiang (May 05, 2014)

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Prime Minister Hailemariam Premier Li Keqiang and gave a press briefing following the bilateral discussion to local and foreign journalists. On the occasion, Prime Minister Hailemariam noted that China-Africa relation is growing from time to time economically, politically and diplomatically.

Speaking about Ethio-China relations, Prime Minister Hailemaraiam stressed the value Ethiopia attaches to its cooperation with China in its endeavor to realize its vision of becoming a manufacturing power house of Africa. He hailed China’s support to DireDawa-Dewalleh express way as vital to Ethiopia’s export sector while also mentioning the railway network, management of Special Economic Zones significance to the nation’s overall development.

He said underlined that the Ethio-China relations are based on mutual respect and benefit and further highlighted the potential of China as the biggest developing nation of the globe to unleash Ethiopia in particular and Africa’s growth potential in general. Speaking about Chinese companies operating in Ethiopia, he praised CGOC Company for its achievements in the manufacturing sector in Ethiopia. Prime Minister Li for his part said “ we have enjoyed smooth relationship and practical cooperation with Ethiopia,” He added , we have reached consensus to continue to work on infrastructure development , technology transfer , people to people relations and expressed his hopes that the more dozen agreements will further enhance the solid cooperation the two countries are enjoying.

Responding to a question on the relation of the China and Africa, Prime Minister Hailemariam said “our relationship is not matter of short time it is a strategic and we want to nurture and expand it.” He added “we have common destiny for the prosperity of our people.” He highlighted that China being a major global player, working closely is a matter of strategic importance to Africa. Prime Minister Li also underscored that China-Africa relations are on the right track. He said this will lead us into stronger growth. He remembered the solidarity Africa has shown in supporting the membership of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations as a testament to the strong relation that evolved over several years.

He said China and Africa has always treated each other as equals throughout their history .Premier Li also said “China as representative of the oriental civilizations and Africa being the cradle of mankind, we have a lot to share and learn from each other.” He also noted China’s pursuit of safeguarding the interest of developing countries and promoting inclusive dialogue on global issues is an area for robust China –Africa relations. He concluded by saying the dynamic relation between China and Africa is turning in to bullet train in terms of its growth.

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