Germany donates €750 thousand for refugees in Ethiopia

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Germany has donated some 750,000 Euros to support relief operations by the World Food Program (WFP) for Somali, Eritrean and Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia.

In a statement, the German embassy said that the donation aims to enhance relief operations for refugees in eastern Africa, according to the Addis Zemen newspaper.

According to the statement, the demand for food by refugees in East Africa greatly surpassed expectations due to the ever-increasing numbers of refugees coming from Somalia, South Sudan and Eritrea.

There are nearly 247,000 refugees from South Sudan, 113,500 from Sudan, 245,000 from Somalia and 99,000 from Eritrea in Ethiopia.

Germany is Ethiopia’s partner both in development cooperation and humanitarian operations, the German embassy said.

Germany and Ethiopia celebrate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations.

Source: Views Times

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