Minister: Ethiopia intends no harm to Egypt, Sudan

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Ethiopian Minister of Water Alemayehu Tegenu has stressed that his country is not seeking to harm Egypt and Sudan by building the Renaissance Dam.Alemayehu assured his Egyptian and Sudanese counterparts meeting in Khartoum on Monday that his country is committed to rendering the talks successful.

This is the fourth round of tripartite talks and is meant to implement recommendations of a committee of international experts regarding the Ethiopian dam.

The three countries had agreed on a mechanism by which to implement recommendations of the international experts, Alemayehu said.

Each of the three countries had made proposals during the previous rounds of tripartite talks regarding the formation of a committee of national experts.

He stressed the importance of forming a national committee that groups experts from the three countries.

Addis Ababa had accepted an international report on implementing the Renaissance Dam project, especially the parts about the reservoir and safety levels, Alemayehu said.

Egypt and Sudan should appreciate Ethiopia’s commitment to implementing recommendations of the international experts’ committee, he expected.

Alemayehu said his country appreciates Egypt’s insistence on resuming tripartite talks on the Renaissance Dam.

He said the dam will help reduce poverty in Ethiopia. The project will also be beneficial to Sudan and Egypt, if not the whole region, he added.

Source: The Cairo Post

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