Repi waste-to-energy project nearing completion

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548eb596b1747c6d09a43b11b46be1e1_xlThe Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity said that the Repi waste-to-energy project is 87 percent complete.

The UK-based Cambridge Industries and China National Electric Engineering Corporation are undertaking the over 95 million USD project. The plant, which lies on 53,123 hectares of land is designed to generate 50MW.

According to Project Deputy Head Nicholas Halias, the overall construction work including installation of machinery is being finalized.

The installation of two turbine generators and power control units has been finalized.

The project is believed to assist efforts of limiting carbon emission as it holds back methane gas amounting to 46,494 tons of CO2, Nicholas said.

The deputy head said : “There is a double advantage as the power generated is carbon clean.”

The project will clean the capital from dirt and address interruptions in power supply.

“The project will be finalized within the schedule unless we face unforeseen challenges going beyond our capability,” Ministry Public Relations and Communication Director Bizuneh Tolcha said.

The Repi project will be Africa’s first waste-to-energy project.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald

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