Ethio-Finish ties exemplify successful cooperation

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Ambassador of FinlandThe newly appointed Ambassador of Finland, Ambassador Ulla Helena Airaksinen, who handed over today her copes of credentials to the State Minister for Foreign Affairs,  Ambassador Taye Atske-Selassie, noted that Ethio-Finish relations have embodied “successful cooperation” over the last decade.

Ambassador Taye on his part noted that the two countries exemplify “strong” relationship on many fronts, adding that the support given by Finland to Ethiopia’s developmental and humanitarian endeavors was “significant”. Ambassador Taye also underlined that both countries should work in concert to elevate their ties into a new high.

Ambassador Ulla Helena Airaksinen stressed the need to maintain the existing sound relations expanding the scope and depth into the horizons of other fields of development cooperation. She added that her country considers Ethiopia as one of its key partners in the realm of development and global issues of common interest.

Ambassador Ulla Helena Airaksinen who emphasized the importance of utilizing cooperation in education as a platform to consolidate the overall ties of the two countries further underscored the need to make new headway in the fields of trade and business.

Source: MFA Ethiopia

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