EU keen to intensify cooperation with Ethiopia

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cukjyzuxyaar3aoA high-level delegation from the European Union Commission met with State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Taye Atske-selassie here today (Oct.07, 2016), during which Head of the delegation, Mr. Olivier Onidi, European Commission Deputy Director General, DG HOME stated the EU is keen to enhance cooperation with Ethiopia, particularly on issues of promoting regional peace and security and dealing with the challenge of migration.

The delegation said the EU welcomed Ethiopia’s positive engagement in the maintenance of regional peace and security and its efforts of dealing with the problems of migration, adding Ethiopia has played a constructive role in rallying countries to mitigate the challenge. The Delegation also suggested that Ethiopia as a signatory of Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility with EU should come up with more projects and initiatives on migration. Reiterating the fact that Ethiopia is going to take the chairmanship of the Khartoum Process from the current chair, the United Kingdom; the European Union pledged full support in due course. Touching upon current situations in Ethiopia, the delegation further welcomed the government’s engagement and consultations with citizens and communities.

State Minister Ambassador Taye Atske-selassie underlined the importance of the EU-Ethiopia and EU-Africa cooperation on issues of regional peace and security and challenges of migration. The State Minister mentioned Ethiopia has introduced a weekly reporting system on any attempt of trafficking and that an agreement has been concluded with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which he said allowed domestic workers to work in legal and dignified provisions. The State Minister reaffirmed that Ethiopia was keen to further intensify the partnership in tackling the challenges posed by migration. He said, “As a source, transit and destination of migrants Ethiopia will come up with projects which are close to communities,” adding: “we are only seeing the outcome of migration but we should see also the cause and source of migration and work on it”.

Source: MFA

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