Foreign tourists free to travel as usual, affirms Ethiopia

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Ethiopia affirmed that foreign tourists can travel to any part of the country as they had been doing in the past. Attorney General Getachew Ambaye noted on Monday (October 24) that tourists are not expected to notify to anyone to travel and visit attractions sites in Ethiopia.

The recently proclaimed state of emergency, as pinpointed under its directives, limited foreign diplomats from traveling beyond a-40 kilometers radius out of Addis Ababa without permission.

The Attorney General added, “The directive is not applicable to foreign tourists who come to Ethiopia to visit tourist destinations. They can travel from place to place freely as usual.”

Public Relations Director at the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO), Getnet Yigzaw, also said tourists can travel to any part of the country in group or individually.

He underscored that the state of emergency has meticulously devised favorable mechanisms so that visitors could visit the historical and natural attraction sites of Ethiopia with no fear and trepidation.

Source: MFA Ethiopia

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