Official Communication to all Tour Operators

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Dear Sir, Madam,

The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the Benelux, Baltic Countries and mission to the EU would like to extend its sincere appreciation to all tour operators in the Benelux and Baltic countries for continually promoting Ethiopian tourism attractions and destinations.

With the view of promoting and developing the sector, the government of Ethiopia is vigorously working to improve the sector by executing several effective polices and strategies. As a result of these measures and the diversity of touristic destinations of Ethiopia, the country has witnessed a steady increase in the flow of tourists and growth of the industry. Similarly the country has launched a new tourism brand dubbed “Ethiopia Land of Origins”. For more info please visit the website of Ethiopian Tourism Organization:

However, the country has seen a slow-down in the flow of tourist due to the recent unrest in some parts of the country. Recognizing the dividend of peace, the government has declared a state of emergency to effectively manage the situation. In this connection, the Embassy would like to reaffirm that the country is remains stable and safe to travel and that the state of emergency is just a temporarily to deepen the already existing stability. We would also like to communicate to all tour operators that the state of emergency is not intended to restrict the movement of tourists and hence travel to all the touristic destination of the country is not affected.

The Embassy reassures that it is possible and safe to visit Ethiopia for leisure or business with the usual commonsense vigilance. If you wish to witness the testimony of tourists recently visiting Ethiopia, please click here. The Ethiopian Airlines along with the service sector in the country are more than ready to offer the Ethiopian traditional warm hospitality for all visitors.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact the Embassy for more information.

Best regards,

Business and Tourism Section
Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels

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