Denmark Promised To Support Ethiopia Develop Renewable Energy

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On November 26, 2016 the Danish Ambassador to Ethiopia Mette Thygesen asserted that the government of Denmark is dedicated to make available various technical assistance to Ethiopia’s renewable energy resources development undertakings.

“Denmark is geared up to provide all the necessary technical assistance to Ethiopia to meet its power demand from wind over the coming three years”, the ambassador revealed.

The Danish Ambassador Mette Thygesen  has also said the partnership between the Ethiopia and Denmark has been growing in various sector and said  a good example on this regard could be her country offer to support the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) to expand modern farming in Ethiopia.

In addition to this the Ambassador further added that “recently we are about to establish corporation in the fields of climate and climate change,” adding that the two nations agree on the need for economic growth that does not have negative impact on climate. On this regard Ambassador Thygesen said agreement on the first phase of the project will be signed with the pertinent government body next week to make the project become operational soon.

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