Gada System inscribed in UNESCO as Intangible World Heritage

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United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has inscribed Gada System as Intangible World Heritage in its 11th intangible world heritage meeting being held in Addis Ababa.

Inscribing Gada system will provide opportunity to share the best experience of the ancient democratic socio-political system, Chairperson of the 11th Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage Yonas Desta had told the media on Monday.

“The Gada system, I think, is a great nomination really”, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture Francesco Bandarin said.

The Gada System has five parties, and each party can lead only for eight years duration. The five parties lead in their order for eight years each, and it is not allowed for given party to lead for over eight years.

A given party can lead again only after 40 years.

The Gada System is and indigenous, democratic system with which the Oromo People have been governing themselves in a democratic way before centuries.

Source: EBC

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