The Netherlands eased their Ethiopia travel advice

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The Netherlands recently eased their Ethiopia travel advice.

While it was advising against all unnecessary travelling in the country in the wake of unrests in the country, the website of the Foreign Ministry has now eased its travel advice when travelling in Ethiopia and only advises against all but essential travel in very targeted border regions.

In the previous weeks, UK, German and Belgian foreign ministries also lifted their warning for tourists planning to visit the main touristic areas of Ethiopia.

As a result of the unrest that occurred recently in some parts of the country, some European countries had issued travel warnings for visitors. These countries are now cancelling the warnings since the Ethiopian government has managed to restore peace and bring back business as usual.

Ethiopia declared a six-month nationwide state of emergency early October following unrests that occurred in some areas of the country.

One month ago, Ethiopia lifted the directive which required diplomats to inform the Command post if they wanted to travel beyond a 40-kilometer radius out of Addis Ababa; last restrictions on mobile data service were fully liftet. More than 2500 individuals arrested in relation to the violent protests have been released after brief detention.

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