Ethiopia, Slovenia agree to establish diplomatic relations

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State Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Aklilu Hailemikael met with Ambassador Mtjaz Sinkovec, non-resident Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Ethiopia, in his office on 26 January 2017, wherein the two sides agreed to establish diplomatic relations.

During the discussion, Dr. Aklilu said Ethiopia looks forward to establishing diplomatic relations with Slovenia and work together on exchange of investment, technology transfer and on common global agendas such as migration and youth employment.

Ambassador Mtjaz Sinkovec on his part noted that Slovenia is keen to establish diplomatic relation with Ethiopia, adding that his country would share its experience in areas of bee-keeping technology, medicine as well as agro processing.

The Ambassador also invited Ethiopia to take part in the annual Slovania-Africa Day which will be held in May, 2017.

The two sides have agreed to start political dialogue in a bid to establish diplomatic relations.

The Republic of Slovenia had been part of the former Republic of Yugoslavia until it became an independent sovereign state in 1991. Slovenia is currently a member of the European Union.

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