Press Release: Ethiopia declares three days of national mourning for victims of garbage dump landslide

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On Saturday 11th of March 2017, parts of the largest hillside at the Koshe garbage dump in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, collapsed. The landslide buried a slum that had been built in this area.

Dr. Negeri Lencho, Communication Affairs Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia said the majority of the dead were women and children as well the rescue operations were still continuing on the 15th of March. He further said the tragic incident has left 113 people 38 men and 75 women dead and several others wounded.

Mr. Diriba Kuma, Mayor of Addis Ababa city administration has extended his personal condolences and affirmed the commitment of the administration to support the victim families sustainably and provide ten to fifteen thousand birr and they would be resettled permanently in the coming years.

The mayor said the city administration has established three separate committees to conduct studies and provide sustainable solutions to the bereaved families. The administration has relocated 106 households, consisting of a total of 297 families, from the garbage dump site and the Mayor called on donors and other bodies to assist the administration’s effort.

The government tried to close the dump in 2016 and move it to a new location, but reconsidered the decision after people living near the new site shared their concern.

The House of People’s Representatives of Ethiopia has declared three days of national mourning starting on 15th of March 2017. The House also expressed its profound sympathy to bereaved families.

Accordingly, Ethiopia’s flag fly at half-mast for three days across the country, Ethiopian owned ships as well as Ethiopian embassies and consular offices abroad.

The Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels extended its deepest condolences over the death of the victims and also offered its profound sympathy to the families who lost their loved ones.

Embassy of Ethiopia, Brussels


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