Ethiopia day organized at primary school in Brussels

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Recently, the primary school of Heilig Hart School in Jette (Brussels) organized a special event that intends to educate students about Ethiopian culture and history.

Early in the morning, over 300 elementary students gathered to take part on the presentation given by the Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels.

Students were fascinated about Ethiopia’s culture, history and the uniqueness of its calendar. During the presentation, students were informed about Ethiopia’s civilization dated back to 3,000 BC, the victory of Adwa and how it manages to live in peace and harmony having over 80 languages and 200 dialects.

The School has dedicated the whole day for the students to experience the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, cuisines and traditional music and dances.

Similarly, students attended a workshop and experienced writing with the Ethiopian alphabet.

Later in April, the school is also planning to organize a running event for its students inspired by the Great Ethiopian Run taking place in Addis Ababa every year.

Watch our Embassy’s videos

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