Political parties ratify regulation for dialogue

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The 17 political parties, including the ruling coalition EPRDF, have ratified a common regulation to continue the dialogue and have selected three negotiators to chair the dialogue in sustainable manner.

The parties also have recruited three people to be in charge of agenda setting and they also have reached on consensus on memoirs of the dialogues held so far.

The parties have recruited Asefa Habtewold from the All Ethiopian Unity Party as chairperson, Wasihun Tesfaye of Ethiopian Democratic Party as Immediate Deputy Chairperson, and Alemayehu Deneke of New Generation Party as Deputy Chairperson.

Asmelash Woldesillassie of EPRDF, and Gebru Berhe and Melaku Mesele from opposition parties taking part in the dialogue are recruited to act in charge of agendas setting for the looming dialogues.

The committee will collect the agendas for negotiation from every political party taking part in the negotiation within 15 days starting from the 20th of April 2017.

According to the regulation the parties approved on the 10th of April 2017 to govern the negotiations, decisions during the negotiations will only be passed through a sufficient consensus.

EPRDF, which had been leading the meeting for the last nine rounds, is now replaced by the three newly appointed moderators that are expected to summon all the political parties for the submission of their agenda.

The political parties dialogue which was initiated in January 2017 can be seen as one of the reform initiatives taken to respond the public demand for more political inclusiveness and that will further contribute to the democratization process of the country.

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