COO of Unibra: “Ethiopia offers the perspective of a huge consumer base”

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In this interview, Mr. Thomas Hochreiter (Unibra) explains why Ethiopia is a unique country to invest in, with its fast-developing infrastructure, a long-term development policy and a huge population.

According to the investor, many market gaps are waiting to be filled in Ethiopia. European investors should visit the country to experience them themselves.

Another advantage is that Ethiopia has a huge consumer base which is constantly expanding.

Finally, investors in Ethiopia benefit from strong government incentives and from different funding opportunities.

This interview with Mr. Thomas Hochreiter, COO of UNIBRA Beverage, was recorded on the 27th of February 2017 in Brussels. Unibra is a main shareholder of Zebidar Brewery Share Company, which successfully launched Zebidar Beer in January 2017.

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