Ethiopia to inaugurate two industrial parks in coming weekend

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The Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) announced that Ethiopia will inaugurate two industrial parks in Amhara and Tigray regions of the country during the coming weekend.

The two parks were built by the Industrial Park Development Corporation (IPDC).

Commission’s Public Relation Head, Mekonnen Hailu, said that the Kemblocha industrial park will be inaugurated on July 08, 20017 a day before Mekelle industrial park inauguration.

According to him, the responsibility that lies on the commission is to attract investors from home and abroad once the IPDC  establishes the industrial parks.

According to him, 15-30 percent of investment of each park is reserved to local investors to help them penetrate international markets and mingle with giant global companies to learn about quality production and marketing systems.

He said that the technology transfer is the least the local investors could gain while they co-habit with the industrial parks.

He also noted that the commission has focused on its promotion activities to attract in modern global companies, which mostly are engaged in textile and apparel production as the parks were meant to these products.

Kombolacha industrial park of Amhara and Mekelle industrial park of Tigray became the second and third industrial parks of the country to be inaugurated next two the giant Hawassa industrial park of the south region.

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