Deputy Premier briefs aid organizations on drought relief efforts in Ethiopia

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On the 10th of August 2017, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen briefed representatives of international development aid organizations on the ongoing drought relief efforts in Ethiopia.

The government has been working to provide support for those who are in need of emergency food assistance as a result of the drought that hit the country, Demeke said at the meeting held at his office.

Previously, the government had exerted maximum efforts to prevent and control the worst drought which resulted from the El Nino weather phenomenon, he said.

The Deputy Premier further said that the government is always ready to do all it can to prevent the loss of a single life due to the drought which hit lowland and pastoral areas in the aftermath of El Nino weather phenomenon.

Demeke also called on development aid organizations to strengthen their support for the ongoing drought relief efforts.

Praising government’s efforts to cope with the drought, representatives of the organizations pledged to give the appropriate responses for the demand of the government, according to office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

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