Czech Republic and Ethiopia to boost development tie

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Czech’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Karel Hejč

Czech Republic will further strengthen its support to Ethiopia, Ambassador Karel Hejč said.

Czech’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Karel Hejč said the embassy is working to promote the investment opportunities in Ethiopia so that Czech investors could engage in the country.

According to him, Czech Republic has been supporting Ethiopia as its development partner, particularly in water supply and education, since 2001.

Since 2010, Czech has selected Ethiopia as its sole development partner in Africa and providing three million Euros annually, he said.

Czech Republic recognizes the historic relations with Ethiopia as the two countries are also the founders of the League of Nations, the Ambassador added.

Ambassador Hejč further revealed that Czech Republic will continue increase its assistance to five of its development partner countries, particularly to Ethiopia.

Czech Republic was working in areas of clean water supply, health and education projects at community level in line with the focus areas identified by the government, he pointed out.

Ethiopia and the Czechoslovakia established diplomatic relation in the early 1920s.

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