Ethiopia to Restore Over 20 million Ha of Forest Landscape

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Ethiopia has planned ambitious programs of forest landscape restoration to resuscitate more than 20 million hectares of degraded forest landscapes within the next 20 years, The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change disclosed.

In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Dr Yitebitu Moges, Manager for REDD+ program under the Ministry, said that the forest coverage of the country will leap to 20 percent by 2030 from its three percent status it was in two decades ago.

A plan is set to develop seven million hectares of forestland by the end of the strategic year, as there is a conducive environment to achieve the target.

Dr Yitebitu Moges also said that the nation suffers the dwindling of about 92 thousand hectares of forest covered land every year. To curb this problem, the Ministry has to engage itself aggressively in the development of forest lands, integrating things with the green development strategy.

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