Four foreign companies set to commence production at Kombolcha industrial park

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Four foreign companies have begun installing machinery to commence production at the Kombolcha industrial park, Amhara regional state.

Azimeraw Dejene, project coordinator of the park told ENA that the industrial park is attracting various global companies.

Companies from South Korea, China, Italy and the US have so far been installing and transporting industrial machinery since last September.

When the companies start production, they will stimulate industrial activities in the area and create a good opportunity for local companies to gain better experience and, he said.

The four companies are expected to go operational this Ethiopian fiscal year once the finished installation of machinery.

They will create jobs for 20,000 people once they started production with their full capacity, he said.

Built at a cost of 90 million US dollars, Kombolcha industrial park was inaugurated last July in attendance of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

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