PM Abiy returns to Eritrea to visit the ports of Assab and Massawa

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed returned to Eritrea this morning.

PM Abiy was welcomed by Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki and has since visited the port of Assab and the 71km long road which stretches from Ethiopian border to the port. He is also expected to visit the port of Massawa this afternoon.

Abiy last left Eritrea on July 9 after a historic visit during which both countries signed a peace deal ending years of war.

The last time both men met was in the United Arab Emirates where the crown prince awarded them gold medals for their respective roles in ending the state of war.

As part of the peace deal that was reached, both countries were to reestablish all friendly and diplomatic relations including trade and cultural ties.

Ethiopia and Eritrea in July agreed to develop ports on Eritrea’s Red Sea coast jointly, Ethiopia’s state broadcaster said in July, roads connecting the two countries were also being worked on after years of non-use.

Prime Minister Abiy arrived in Asmara in the afternoon after wrapping up his visits to Assab and Massawa, where he expressed his deep appreciation of the ongoing preparatory work by the Eritrean government to enhance port services and related road infrastructure.

“Progress in this component augurs well for efforts of both sides to ensure full implementation of all five pillars of the agreement,” he said.

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