City Administration Set to Create Over 161, 000 Job Opportunities

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Addis Ababa City Administration set to create over 161 thousand Job opportunities for the unemployed in the 2011 Ethiopian fiscal year.

Deputy Head of Addis Ababa City Administration Mircro and Small Scale Enterprises Development,  Mikias Mulugeta said over 2.4 billion birr has been earmarked jointly by Addis Saving and Credit Institution and the youth revolving fund to finance the creation of jobs for over 161 thousand job seekers.

Of the total jobs to be created this year, over 50 per cent will be for the youth and 70 per cent for women, he stated.

In the fiscal year, more attention will be paid to creating job opportunities for women and youth.

“A team has been established for identifying sectors, stakeholders and people with no jobs”.

Noting that sectors expected to create job opportunities include construction, manufacturing, urban agriculture, trade and service, more attention will be given to construction and manufacturing for technology transfer and development, he stated.

To solve financial constraints and facilitate the job creations, preparations are already finalised to use the financial resource both from Addis Saving and Credit Institution and the youth revolving fund, he added.

He stated that delivering one window service is already started to stave off mal-administration in the sector.

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