Latest news and announcements for the Diaspora

12 December 2017: Amended Tigray Housing Program

10 November 2017: Invitation to the celebration of the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day

4 October 2017: Amhara and Oromia Regional State amended housing scheme

28 September 2017: Announcement  about Payment Method 

26 September 2017: Possibility and profiles for investment in Amhara region page1 page2

13 September 2017: Announcement about the Power of Attorney

22 May 2017: Invitation to the 26th anniversary celebration of Ginbot 20

17 May 2017: Invitation from the Ethiopian Renaissance Council in Brussels

25 April 2017: Communications from Universal Property Management Services

16 March 2017: Invitation to the Ethiopian Diaspora Living in Belgium

16 March 2017: Invitation to the Ethiopian Diaspora Living in the Netherlands

07 December 2016: Ethio Diaspora Grand Mall: Cover LetterFlyer

23 June 2016: Information for Diaspora regarding temporary closing of Diaspora section

27 April 2016: Important information for Diaspora

10 March 2016: Download the document on knowledge transfer

10 March 2016: Download the Small enterprise document for diaspora

27 October 2015: Bank account update