Ethiopia active in agricultural, infrastructural development: AU Commissioners

Addis Ababa, 3 February 2015 (WIC) – Ethiopia has been showing strong engagement in agriculture and infrastructure development, the issues incorporated in Africa’s Agenda 2063, AU Commissioners said.The commissioners stated that the country is showing good progress in the two sectors included in the agenda.

Rural Development and Agriculture Commissioner, Tumusiime Rhoda Peace, said in order to eradicate poverty, the continent has prepared a comprehensive agricultural development program that would help it eradicate famine and reduce poverty. Ethiopia is among the few countries that met the goals of the program by allocating 10 percent of its budget, exceeding the 6 percent proposed for agricultural growth in the agenda, she added. According to the commissioner, Ethiopia has also shown good performance in agricultural research technologies, marketing network, and extension.

Infrastructure and Energy Commissioner, Dr. El Ham M.A Ibrahim, said on his part the country has been undertaking encouraging work by creating comprehensive infrastructural network in the continent. Its decision to make use of the support the commission has been extending to countries developing renewable energy shows the attention it has given to the sector, according to the commissioner. Its activities to realize the integration of the continent in infrastructure development through railway and the determination to implement the Yamasakoru declaration with respect to creating free flight routes to continental airlines is admirable, Dr. El Ham M.A Ibrahim stated. (ENA)