Ethiopia at the OACPS 63rd Parliamentary Assembly

The African, Caribbean and Pacific States Organisation (OACPS) has convened its 63rd session of Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels on February 28, 2023. The delegation of #Ethiopia led by H.E.Hirut Zemene, Ambassador of Ethiopia to the Benelux & EU Institutions is taking part.

The Assembly has deliberated on important issues of common interests that range from making the organisation, membered by 79 nations, fit for present day opportunities and challenges to coping with peace and security matters, building a fair trading regime as well as international taxation and matters of money laundry. It also deliberated on the topics in light of the Assembly’s up coming meeting with its #EuropeanUnion counterparts.

The Ethiopian delegation have taken active part in these deliberations. It has also seized the opportunity to acquaint the august body about the recent developments in terms of the peace agreement that was signed to end the two years conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia. H.E Ambassador Hirut Zemene has underlined the importance that Ethiopia attached to solving its problems through its continental organization the African Union.

The Ambassador has also expressed gratitude to all members of the OACPS for their understanding and support extended to Ethiopia, in its endeavour to bring peace within itself.

The joint OACPS-EU Parliamentary Assembly is also expected to be held from March 1-2 , 2023 in Brussels.