Ethiopia Earns Over $2b From Export In 9 Months

Ethiopia’s earnings from export in the past nine months increased by 10% to more than $2 billion, said the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Even if the target was $2.68 billion, export earned the country a total of $2.09 billion, a10% rise compared to the same period last year, it said in a statement today.

Despite the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, flower, vegetables, and fruits as well as Khat export performances surpassed the target, said Wondimu Filate, director of communication at the ministry.

Natural gums, coffee, electronics, textiles, and apparel export registered over 75% performances, while the achievement of tantalum, oilseeds, pulses, meat, species, and tea exports was from 50-74%.

On the other hand, the export performances of gold, leather, and leather products, as well as live animals, were less than 50% of the target, the ministry indicated.