Ethiopia Unveils Its 10 Year Development Plan

Ethiopia has unveiled its 10 year development plan themed “Ethiopia: An African Beacon of Prosperity”.

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed said the 10 ten year plan aims to bring quality based economic growth; increase production and competitiveness; build a green and climate-resilient economy; institutional transformation; ensure fair and equitable opportunities for women and youth, and guarantee private sector led growth.

“With a five pillar focus area serving as a foundation for the effective development of other sectors, the plan sets out to capitalize on our existing strengths and abundant resources.” the Premier noted.

According to the Prime Minister, the energy sector plan is in particular quite ambitious given many of Ethiopia’s development needs are heavily reliant on it and energy is a crosscutting need.

Key factors for the Federal and Regional governments to enable a successful implementation of the ten-year plan include ensuring the impact of projects and investments undertaken to add value to GDP, focusing on the quality of projects so that expenditures are effective and transforming attitudes from ‘battling poverty’ narrative towards building multidimensional prosperity, the premier underscored.

Source: FBC