Ethiopians continue to support the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Addis Ababa, 5 January 2015 (WIC) – Ethiopians around the world are striving for the realization of the Grand Ethiopian dam being built along the Nile, Office of the Council responsible for resource mobilization said.

The government through the national council established to mobilize resources I n and out of the country has been striving to raise funds for the dam, which Ethiopia declared to build using its own sources.

Resource mobilization has been undertaking parallel with the construction of the dam since construction has begun years ago.

According to Zadig Abreha, Deputy Director of the Office, those efforts has brought promising results and Ethiopian across the globe are continued to extend their support.

Ethiopians in and out of the nation has extended over 6 billion Birr for the dam, of which 4.92 billion Birr or 82 percent gained in donation, while the balance is from bonds.

Raising funds through mobile SMS is another means the Council is using to get more funds locally. The Council has received over 14 million SMS worth at 42 million Birr over the past three months, Zadig said. The Council expects 60 million Birr from the program lasting for six months.

Ethiopian Diasporas are supporting the Dam through finance, said Teferi Melese Diaspora Research Information Director.

The Diasporas have purchased bonds worth at over 565 million Birr; Ethiopians residing at Arab countries have the lion’s share in terms of contribution. (ENA)