Blue Nile

#GERD facts : the importance of the Nile to the people of Ethiopia

  • The Nile is Ethiopia’s major water resource covering 70% of its annual surface water. More than 40% of the population lives depend directly on the Nile Basin which covers one-third of Ethiopia’s territory. Two-third of  Ethiopia’s hydroelectric power potential is also in the Nile Basin.
  • Electricity coverage in Ethiopia is less than  40%.  In addition, energy demand is increasing by 32% each year.
  • We are not able to modernize our agricultural sector where most of our population relies on. Therefore, the utilization of the waters of the Nile River is indispensable to eradicate poverty which is threatening our survival.
  • Because the Nile is a transboundary water resource, we strongly believe, its utilization shall be based on the principles of cooperation, equitable, and reasonable utilization and not causing significant harm.
  • We believe that this is also a shared interest of all Riparian countries. We all need to overcome the problem of abject poverty, which is a serious challenge for the livelihoods of our people.
  • Ethiopia will stand by its firm and consistent principle for the equitable and reasonable utilization of the Nile waters and causing no significant harm to each other.