H.E. Ambassador Hirut Zemene Receives a Youth Ambassador of ALECSO

H.E. Ambassador Hirut Zemene received Amir FEHRI, ALECSO’s (Arab League Education, Cultural and Scientific Organization) creative Arab youth Ambassador at her office in Brussels on 23rd of December 2021.

Ambassador FEHRI is an eighteen-year-old Tunisian who published 4 books, one of which was nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature.
During the discussion, he shared his experience as a youth and his vision for peace as well as access to education for the children of internally displaced people (IDPs) around the world. He also handed over, to Ambassador Hirut Zemene, a letter he wrote to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

H.E. Ambassador Hirut Zemene appreciated Amir FEHRI for his remarkable achievements at this young age. Addressing the current situation of Ethiopia, she said that Ethiopia is a diverse country which has been a symbol of tolerance and peaceful co-existence. The country is working hard to restore peace in its northern part, and the situation on the ground is not as it is portrayed by some international media, she explained.

Touching upon the GERD issue, “I would like you, as a youth, to understand that Ethiopia is building the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile not to cause significant harm to downstream countries, but it is only because 60 percent of Ethiopians are in the dark and we need electricity for basic health and education”, the Ambassador stated. She also raised the unfair share of the Nile waters among the riparian countries due to colonial treaties needs to be addressed.

The ALECSO’s creative Arab youth Ambassador, Amir FEHRI, has planned to visit Ethiopia between March and April 2022.