Ministry briefs ambassadors of EU member states on the ongoing investigation on atrocities committed in the conflict in northern Ethiopia

The Ministry of Justice briefed ambassadors of EU member states in Ethiopia today (January 26) on the status of the proposed all-inclusive dialogue and the activities of the inter-ministerial task force on atrocities committed in the conflict in the north.

The Minister of Justice, Dr. Gedion Thimotios, and Dr. Tadesse Kassa, head of the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce, provided the briefing at the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

According to Dr. Tadesse Kassa, the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce is structured into four sub-committees to address critical issues.
He said the Ministry of Justice, in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, would head the criminal investigation and prosecution, while the Ministry of Peace would oversee the assessment of refugees and displaced people.

The Ministry of Women and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Finance together with relevant government institutions are tasked to investigate crimes related to sexual violence and run fundraising activities for rehabilitation efforts respectively, he added.

The government of Ethiopia set up the Inter-Ministerial taskforce to oversee redress and accountability measures in response to human rights violations committed in the conflict in northern Ethiopia.

The Committee will oversee the implementation of recommendations made by the joint UN-EHRC investigations over atrocities in Tigray while expanding similar studies on crimes committed by the TPLF in the Afar and Amhara regions.

Dr. Gedion Thimotios, on his part, spoke in detail about the proposed all-inclusive national dialogue and the opportunity it provides to Ethiopians in looking for lasting solutions to critical issues in the country.