Ministry Briefs Resident Ambassadors On “Dine For Nation” Project

Foreign Affairs Ministry has briefed resident Ambassadors on “Dine for Nation” Project which aims to expand beautification and greenery works across the nation.

In his opening remarks on the briefing session, Foreign Affairs Minister, Gedu Andargachew told the resident ambassadors that the already completed “Dine for Sheger” Project has transformed Addis Ababa, a diplomatic seat, in many aspects.

The projects launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed under the “Dine for Nation” National Scheme will be implemented in a way to creating jobs in addition to building a green resilient economy and transforming the image of the country, Gedu explained to the Ambassadors.

The Foreign Affairs Minister further called upon the diplomatic community to contribute support to the National Greenery and Beautification Projects.

Innovation and Technology Minister, Dr. Abrham Belay, Director General of Ethiopian Road Authorities, and Manger of the Gorgora Project, Dr. Fiseha Tegegn have tabled presentations highlighting the implementation of the projects.

Source: FBC