Ministry Concludes Annual Meeting Pledging for Better Performance

The annual meeting of senior officials, ambassadors, and Consul Generals of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia is concluded today (September 7).
The meeting was held under the theme: “Diplomatic Mission to National Prosperity,” in Bishoftu town for 15 consecutive days.
Attendees have deliberated upon the Ministry’s performance in the current fiscal year and charted out a plan for the upcoming Ethiopian New Year taking the major issues that the ministry has to carry out into consideration.
Senior officials and various stakeholders tabled their views on the revised foreign policy of the country in line with the concept of “medemer” as expounded by H.E. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.
The meeting is concluded today with participants pledging that they would do their level best to advance the interest of their country based on the inputs they have got from all of the major issues of discussion in the past two weeks.