PM Stresses Role Of Ambassadors To Strengthening Diplomatic Ties With Partner Countries

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed yesterday met with ambassadors and mission leaders who represented Ethiopia abroad.

The ambassadors and mission leaders last Monday concluded their annual meeting held in Bishoftu town under the theme: “Diplomatic Mission to National Prosperity.”

Following the conclusion of the two-week meeting, the Premier met with them to set a direction for the next chapter in forging ahead with Ethiopia’s foreign policy.

In a twitter post, the Prime Minister said “Our Ambassadors and missions leaders are critical to strengthening the diplomatic ties with partner countries.”

During the meeting in Bisoftu, the ambassadors and mission leaders deliberated upon the performance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the current fiscal year.

They also charted out a plan for the upcoming Ethiopian New Year taking the major issues that the ministry has to carry out into consideration.

Source: FBC