The Embassy Hosts a Coffee Trade Promotion Event

On 29 June 2022, the Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels hosted a virtual coffee trade promotion event titled “Ethiopian Coffee: Buy Coffee from its Origin”. The event was aimed at showcasing the immense opportunities that Ethiopia offers in coffee sector to Benelux coffee businesses as well as creating links between Ethiopian exporters and buyers in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) countries. The event also highlighted the importance of coffee as part of Ethiopian culture.

Among the participants were Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority (ECTA), Ethiopian Women in Coffee Association, several Ethiopian coffee exporters, and coffee business in the Benelux countries.

Her Excellency Ambassador Hirut Zemene, in her opening remarks, welcomed participsnts from both sides and invited them to make use of this networking event. She emphasised on the importance of expanding more market to the product and the need to focus on value addition through joint investment schemes.

Dr. Adugna Debela, Director-General of ECTA has made an elaborated and insightful presentation about Ethiopian coffee and its export value. He further explained the opportunities and reforms taking place in the coffee sector. It has also been indicated that, this year, Ethiopia is reaching 300 thousand tons of annual coffee production, 1.3 billion USD coffee export earning, as well as export to the Benelux is also significantly increasing. On the occasion, Dr. Adugna has also called upon the Benelux companies, in addition to buying Ethiopian coffee, to engage in coffee farming and processing investment in Ethiopia.

Mrs. Sara Yirga, board chairperson of Ethiopian Women in Coffee Association, has also made a presentation on the role of women in the sector stating that 75% of the work in coffee is done by women. She spotlighted the need for capacity building and improving the share of dividends women should get from the sector.

The event has afforded the opportunity to interested Ethiopian coffee exporters to share their experiences.

Ethiopia is known for being the origin of Arabica coffee, a leading coffee producer in Africa, and the fifth producer in the world.