PM Abiy in Axum to discuss with residents and join efforts to save the Obelisk

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was in the northern Tigray region yesterday, where he held a series of meetings with stakeholders over a wide range of issues.

One of his main engagements had to do with efforts aimed at saving the historic obelisk located in the city of Axum. He visited the endangered obelisk of Axum to get first-hand information about its status. Following this visit, Prime Minister Abiy held discussions with the residents of Axum.

During the discussion, members of the community appreciated the Prime Minister’s understanding and responsiveness to their call.

The residents raised various issues during the discussion with the Prime Minister, including the fate of the Axum obelisk.

Besides, the Prime Minister addressed key queries raised regarding budgetary allocations, water shortages, infrastructure requirements, peace and security, and other issues. The Premier pledged to work in collaboration with stakeholders to protect the Axum obelisks.

The Axum Obelisk, probably carved and erected during the 4th century A.D, is a testament to Ethiopia’s historic civilizations. Ethiopia fought for years for the monument to be returned from Italy after it was taken away by Italian invaders. Abiy’s move is the latest in a series of efforts that saw the Minister of Tourism also visit the site last month.

Portions of the obelisk have collapsed to the ground whiles reports indicate that their foundations also remained weakened and in dire need of rehabilitation to arrest further deterioration.