Further Explanation on #COVID 19 National Ministerial Committee


#COVID 19 National Ministerial Committee met on March 20,2020 and announced the following measures in addition to the measures issued on March 16,2020. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of FDRE would like to highlight measures that are of concern to the diplomatic & Int’l community resident in Ethiopia.

All passengers arriving to Ethiopia will be subject to a 14-day quarantine period in designated hotels at their own cost.
Please note that arriving passengers holding diplomatic & service passports may also use Embassy premises to quarantine themselves. In such cases Embassies and Int’l orgs should inform Ministry of Health of FDRE and guarantee that the quarantine rules are observed.
Ethiopian Airlines will cease flight operations to 30 countries. For further information on suspended flights please check on the “Immigration & Entry Restrictions section on https://www.ethiopianairlines.com/aa/travel-updates/covid-19
Harassment of foreign nationals is not acceptable. Clearly the virus does not discriminate.
The government has clearly denounced such incidents of discrimination and messages are being passed on to inform that such behavior is not tolerated.