Ambassador Hirut Zemene meets with the Benelux delegation

H.E. Ambassador Hirut Zemene met and discussed with members of the Benelux delegations from the Netherlands and Belgium foreign ministries that will be heading to Ethiopia from 22nd – 24th, March 2023.

During the exchange, the Ambassador highlighted about the current developments in Ethiopia that ranged from efforts made to establish Transitional Justice System, National Political Dialogue, and revamping development projects as well as rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in the conflict affected areas in the Northern part of Ethiopia.

Mr. Marcel de Vink and Mr. Axel Kenes, the political directors for the Netherlands and Belgium foreign ministries respectively, expressed their wishes for the peace process to hold. They also mentioned to learn more about the process of transitional justice and the reconstruction efforts. They all noted their interest to strengthen the bilateral links between the two sides.

It is also to be recalled that H.E. Ambassador Hirut made similar exchanges with Ms. Véronique Dockendorf, political director for Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Luxembourg recently.