Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros meets High Representative for Foreign Affairs of EU, Ms. Federica Mogherini

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Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros met High Representative for Foreign Affairs of EU, Ms. Federica Mogherini at his office today (April 7). The two sides discussed on issues of regional peace and security, migration, and the positive steps taken by the government of Ethiopia in solving internal problems. At the juncture, recalling this visit as her fourth leg in few months, Ms Mogherini said, “we have always said that Ethiopia’s role in Africa, particularly in the Horn of Africa, is key and that is why we needed strategic engagement with you.”

Ms. Moghereni noted, regarding migration, progresses are observed yet there remain complications and cautious cooperation is mandatory in tackling illegal migration. Ms. Moghereni appreciated the premeditated work that had been manifested in the form of Puntland’s full agreement in modalities of election in Somalia. Ms. Mogherini also asked for briefings of the recent progresses in South Sudan where Foreign Minister DR. Tedros, recalling “the good news” from the report of the Special Envoys for South Sudan, that First Vice President Designate Dr. Reik Machar would be in Juba in mid-April. High Representative Ms. Mogherini also personally reiterated EU’s President Jean Claude Juncker’s invitation to Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn to Brussels in June to participate at the opening of “Development Days.”

Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros, on his behalf, hailed the agreement in the State Capital of Garowe as landmark and a product of aggregate efforts of regional and international diplomats, including the EU. He added, “We trust Vision 2016 would be real.” He appreciated the way the High Representative and the EU have now clearly understood the now resolved Oromia unrest and noted that “positive steps are being taken.” He stressed that the engagement his government has with the EU would keep on being strong regarding not only on areas of peace, security and migration but also trade, investment and finance.

Source: MFA Ethiopia.

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