Ethiopia lifts travel restrictions for diplomats

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The Government of Ethiopia has announced today (November 08, 2016) that it has lifted the state of emergency directive which restricted diplomats to travel beyond 40 KM radius outside of Addis Ababa without notifying and getting the permission of the Command Post.

According to Siraj Fegessa, Secretariat of the Command Post and Minister of Defense, the decision to lift the travel ban was ascribed to the relative peace and security currently evident in the country.

The newly issued directives for the implementation of the state of emergency also lifted the directive which prohibits carrying and possessing at home uniforms of law enforcement bodies.

The new directives also include amendments on self-defense measures that law enforcement officers and others on guarding duty would take while implementing the state of emergency proclamation and prohibitions as well as amendments to the state of conducting searches.

Apart from taking self-defense measures to avert attacks by means of weapons or blade directed against their life and property as stated in the first and previously issued directive, law enforcement officers and those on guarding duty as per the newly issued directives for the implementation of the state of emergency are now also entitled to avert attacks targeted against the lives of others and property.

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